Members Curt Ward and Dan Oakes have begun a new Group on Facebook entitled “Rotarian Photography Discussion Group.”  It is open to Rotarians from around the world who want to share their photographs without having to set up their own web page.  Members should go to the Facebook Groups page and ask to join.  Bingo!  Then start adding your photos and comments to share with other Rotarians.  The idea started with Curt and Dan joining the Photography Discussion Group on My Rotary.  They discovered there is no file attachment feature; in order to share photos (duh!) you had to have your own web site to post photos to, or use Drop Box, or some other file sharing app.  They have invited all members from that Discussion Group to join the Facebook Group page.  It should be much simpler.  They hope to learn a lot and see photos from Rotarians across the globe.  This could be big!  Thanks guys!