It was great to have our friend Ana Rubino, a former Rotarian from Peru, back with us to discuss her dance troupe Bailamos Peru.  When Ana and her family moved here 7 years ago, they hadn’t met many Peruvian families. In 2015, Ana and her son returned to Peru for a year where she and  her son attended school that included classes on Andes music. She returned to form a dance troupe to “represent our country in a better light and share culture through folklore, music and dance.”

She now has 7 students  and 11 volunteers. There are some instrumentalists and dancers. They try and represent the dances and the music of the region, They demonstrated for us at our event native Cuzco music and dance from the Andes Region and the National Dance called the Marinera.  They even went to California  to Club Libertad in Los Angeles to a Dance  Competition to represent Arizona.



In California the troupe met and the kids were able to talk with champions in their class. It was inspirational to them all. They can now see their way to aspire for a championship as well some day. It makes them strive for being even better. Outings such as this help the kids to develop confidence and pride in what they do not only in their culture but also  in themselves. Currently they  rehearse and perform out of a garage.  Penny advised her on ways to incorporate but they do not have a Board of Directors but they would like to find a place.

Ana says they have been getting their word out and have done performances for an International Pre-School, the Chandler schools and also Tempe Sister Cities.


Peru has over 3000 different dances with different costumes for each. She invited us to a performance in Mesa on December 9, 2017, a Saturday  , a gala fundraiser for them to raise funds both for a studio and to get more costumes from Peru and expand their expertise. That night there will be Peruvian food and a concert of 12 different dances from the region.