It was a pleasure to welcome Sean O’Neil from Memory Dynamics to be our speaker on October 4, 2018.


What happens when you can’t remember someone’s name. That was the primary complaint of members at the meeting. When speaking about problems with memory.  When we remember names, we are paying the other an ultimate compliment—we are sending the message that the other is not important, that perhaps we don’t care.  Sean O’Neil with Memory Dynamics states that we never really ever forget anything. The information is up there in our heads somewhere.  Our recall is the most important thing that goes when one ages. However, you can learn to train your memory. Why does this happen? Stress is a big reason–the brain is actually panicking trying to remember.  We played the memory game….he asked members (it bears noting that he remembered every member and guest name (and I was late and didn’t have my badge on).  He called on members to list 15 terms – (pepper, door, hat, bell, coffee, dog, glasses, keys, neck tie, egg. television. flag, sally, president,, sky and one more …football.) . What is one way to remember things? Write them down.. Statistics say that less than 15%  of people will get the information back when you need it if you don’t.

O’Neil asked various members to be able to recall as many of the items as possible (in order).   Luke gave it a great try thought many had great difficulty, perhaps not remembering what was on the list but what was in order. Members asked Sean to name them starting at 8 and he was 100% correct. Thus the idea that our brains can be trained in recall. When you take the skill he can teach and put it to use in everyday life, you can recall names, what’s on a grocery or to-do list.

In his upcoming 2 half-day classes he offers 4 guarantees:

  • Increase recall by 300%
  • Guarantee recall of at least 15 items and often much more
  • Be able to retain more from books and recall notes for presentations.
  • Ability to recall names

It was a fun presentation with a lot of interaction and enjoyment by members. Thanks President Scott for booking Sean to speak to our club.