After a career in law enforcement in many jurisdictions, from Connecticut to New Mexico to Arizona, Superstition Mountain Rotarian Harvey Clark spoke to us this morning as a representative of Sky Med. According to their website, SkyMed International, the flagship of all their companies , has served the traveling public since 1989. It is a membership company specializing in 18 emergency travel services. SkyMed has been offering premium medical emergency evacuation memberships since 1989, organizing air evacuations literally all over the world under almost every kind of circumstance. Clark opened with some stories about a city manager  falling ill in Springerville who incurred a $30,000 bill for the helicopter to a Level 1 Trauma center in Flagstaff.  Air Vac services are pricey and you really must read your insurance coverage carefully to see if air evacuation services are offered.

SkyMed offers you, the traveler and your family if you wish, emergency evacuation memberships. He stated that if you travel and something happens you can “be glad you have Sky Med or wish that you did. He showed some film clips advertising the business and then showed a clip from an ABC News  investigative report about the sky high costs of air evacuations, an industry that is largely unregulated.  When critically injured or ill, doctors talk about the “golden hour”, a 60 minute period to get you to a Level 1 trauma center for be most effective. Countless lives have been saved through air transportation (helicopters); however, often it left that patient and their family in financial turmoil and “hounded” by bill collectors with a debt they could not repay. Another example. An evacuation 55 miles to a trauma center cost $47,000 for a 20 minute flight.

What is the answer? Harvey says a Sky Med membership is the answer. Again he reiterated that members should check their insurance coverage and see what is and is not covered. SkyMed memberships are flexible – short-term or long-term.

SkyMed has an office based in Scottsdale. HE passed out informational brochures with basic information. Who is SkyMed for? Anyone who travels from home as a vacationer, business traveler, time-share owner or one of America’s growing numbers of RV’s. If you suffer a critical illness or injury, SkyMed will take you home to your own doctor, hospital and your loved ones.

Due to its ownership of Global Emergency Travel Services, members have options internationally. SkyMed has a tiered membership structure that fits most instances. This membership provides access to 18 travel services:

  • Hospital to Hospital Emergency Air Transport
  • Vehicle return
  • Visitor transportation (depending on available space)
  • Transportation for Recuperation near home
  • Commercial Carrier Medical Escort Flights
  • Minor children/grandchildren return
  • Physical remains returned
  • Companion Transportation
  • Return transportation after recovery
  • Incidental Expense Allowance
  • Organ Retrieval
  • Organ recipient transportation

A SkyMed family membership tier looks like this:

Family Monthly ($59 +75 app fee 2 year min)  3 yr: $1695   5yr. $2,495

Individual Monthly ($45 + $75 app fee 2 yr min) 3yr. $1,295  5 yr. $1,995

There is a 90 day waiver for pre-existing conditions

SkyMed also offers SkyMed Travel, a concierge service to beautiful resorts and hotel accommodations worldwide at exclusive prices not available to non-members.

Thank you Harvey for cluing us in on this valuable service and it is always nice to have you visit.