Gilbert Rotary was pleased to welcome Jeanie Morgan to the club representing The Rotary Vocational Fund of Arizona (TRVFA).  TRVFA is a non-profit formed to assist people who qualify under Arizona law to obtain financial assistance to further their vocational studies so that they may, in turn attain career employment and financial stability to contribute to their communities. TRVFA is the only Rotary International  sanctioned, Rotary organized, Bi-District sponsored of its kind run exclusively by Rotarians. 

For over 25 years the fund has given out vocational grants.  The Fund also qualifies as meeting the criteria for Arizona Tax   Credit for Contributions.  Sadly, only 7% supported the                      Vocational fund last year. They were forced last June to suspend taking applications due to the shortfall. The award amount was also lowered from $3000 to $2000. That extra $1000 could make a huge difference—a make or break moment for someone to qualify for a vocational program, most of which are very expensive.  Morgan reminded even if a family is maxed out on tax credit donations, please consider making an individual donation and pass information on to friends and family.

Vocational Education makes an immediate difference in the lives of the working poor. Technology is changing so rapidly and there are many programs offered than ever before. An applicant could use this training for a job to help meet financial obligations of a family or to allow one to earn some money in order to pursue more advanced training or  college.

The Rotary Vocational Fund of Arizona is opening doors of possibilities to many. Morgan said they want to keep their funding going as they are only touching the tip of the iceberg of those in need. She also thanked Gilbert Rotary for being a long-time supporter and sponsor of applicants.