Our President Rex Albright is a well-traveled man. He loves Dignity Health and through his work he meets some very cool people. One of them is Brian Kreps from NBC Sports Radio AM 1060 in Phoenix. Brian is an 8-year veteran as a professional baseball umpire. He worked in  the Texas League AA. Now retired from behind the plate Brian considers himself “blessed” to be  a radio personality, writer and sports photographer. He said where else could you have so much fun getting paid to be a fan!  Brian has spent the past year and a half providing in-depth coverage of the Arizona Rattlers. He hosted the Coach’s show for a time and as part of NBC AM 1060, he partners with Dignity Health to do a health and wellness segment on his show once every quarter…that’s where Rex comes in. Dignity is able to spread its message of health and “Humankindness” to a different segment – the sports audience.

He has covered the AZ Diamondbacks, the Chicago Bulls, some football and now his station is the flagship station for ASU sports. In addition, he has started a company providing customized hangars for teams in their locker rooms. He has a manufacturing plant in China and hopes to use his sports connections to also give some coverage to his business as well. He is now in a 7 PM prime-time spot on AM 1060. Despite a wide array of interests Brian’s passion for baseball has not changed.  In his role on his show he talks about other sports, but makes no apologies for baseball being his favorite. His time as an umpire afforded him many baseball connections and behind-the-scenes relationships and they often   appear on his show. When fielding questions, the discussion turned to the many new changes in baseball….instant replay, strike zone graphics. People are complaining that games are too long, but any attempt to make drastic changes would take away the human element from the sport. Umpires, call a game as they see it. Managers and players yell  and challenge calls and often get ejected.  Fans love this and any attempt to take the human element out would be bad for baseball. Also a question was about he relationship between a catcher and an umpire. Kreps says usually the relationship is good and they can assist in many ways.

Another question related to the players being “specialists” especially in pitching…starter, middle relief, closer. The bottom line really is the win and what will it take to secure it and the confidence the manager has in his personnel. 

It was such a pleasure to have a sports guy in the house this     morning. It was great to hear      Brian’s story and his passion for the game of baseball. We wish him well in his prime-time spot and you can listen anytime via your computer website or app. at http://nbcsports1060.com