Other Side of the River Ministries is a love based ministry founded by Rev. Chef Jason Taylor. Its main purpose is to provide endless eternal hope through unconditional, divine love .

It was a pleasure to welcome a friend of Brandon Holt’s, Pastor Jason Taylor to Rotary today to speak about his vision for serving the homeless population. Jason is an ordained minister, a professionally trained chef and an energy practitioner. He had a great  career in the culinary arts, reclaimed his spirituality when his daughter was born and now finds  a way to marry the two           together. For a time, he experienced homelessness. Now he is called to form a non-profit organization. Every 3rd Sunday, Pastor Taylor and friends cook up a huge meal at an approved kitchen, load it in their van and set up tables outside of the CASS (Central Arizona Shelter Services) shelter in Phoenix and, with their partners, the Sisters of Eden, served approx. 250 meals on the most recent Sunday. There is a large need. Many are sleeping on the street due to the decision of CASS to shut down one of their facilities that could sleep 1000 people. Along with the meals and fellowship, Pastor Taylor wants to start a culinary school for homeless people. It would consist of 6 modules, patterned after his own culinary curriculum. This program would train homeless individuals in a safe environment where they can develop skills needed for kitchen work and creating a mentorship program with eventual job placement. The cooking Class would be called “A New Beginning.”

How can we help?

¨ Refer clients

¨ Mentor on startup of a 501(c)3 corporation

¨ Need a kitchen to cook in

¨ Need food donations

¨ Need kitchen Tools

¨ Need sanitization aides

¨ Monetary donations


Jason’s future vision for A New Beginning, is to create a 501(c)3 organization for the ability to accept tax-deductible donations, secure a kitchen where the program could be run regularly and open a restaurant that is 100% student operated. Thank for Pastor Jason Taylor for coming to us and we admire your passion to weave together your career choices in creating your non-profit.  Jason also could use some mentoring, help and assistance to learn about starting a non-profit and finding a way through the paperwork required. If you can help, contact Taylor at