President-Elect Penny Bollinger presided over the meriting in President Scott’s absence. She did a great job and presented a short program on the Rotary International Convention she and Terry attended in Toronto.

Suffice it to say, even with complications, Penny and Terry LOVED the Rotary International Convention in Toronto. A missed flight from Philadelphia sent then to Ottawa where they then boarded a train for the 4.5 hour trip to Toronto. Terry described the scenery as “barren”. After arriving and a long walk they made it to their Air B and B and they were off to spread Gilbert Rotary cheer. They both were impressed with incoming RI President Barry Rassin, who if you haven’t read his biography, has a phenomenal background, His concerns for his year are increasing Rotaract and furnishing Haiti with clean water and Sanitation by 2030.

Speaker highlights were :

Princess Anne , the Princess Royal, of England

Former USA First Lady Laura Bush

Ellen Clark, CEO of UNICEF The Haitian Prime Minister

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

John Hewko—RI General Secretary Jim McGrath—founder of LEAPFROG

They both enjoyed the array of entertainment provided, and reminisced with DGN Dave during our meeting about other highlights, such as a dinner gathering 45 delegates from District 5495, the House of Friendship and the projects dis- played there.

A Virtual Reality National Immunization Day for Polio demonstrated and simulated the real life experience that puts you RIGHT THERE and participating in the experience as if you were there live.


“If you want to build a boat, don’t begin by collecting wood, cutting boards, or assigning tasks. Begin by awakening in the souls of your workers a longing for the vast and boundless sea. “
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry