On Friday, May 5th, Gilbert Rotarians Brandon Holt and Curt Ward met with two classes of 6th Graders from Hancock Elementary School in Chandler.  They were invited by teacher Katie Villarduna (Vee ar doona), or Ms. V as the kids know her.  Ms. V was a Rotoractor in college, received a Rotary scholarship to obtain her graduate degree, and received Rotary grant funds to work and study in Peru.  Need less to say, she believes in the power of Rotary.  She met with our club at a meeting earlier this year.

The presentation was on “The ABC’s of Fundraising” and used the Navajo Water Project as its model.  The class learned of the problem, the location, the solution, the cost and the means of raising funds, and matching funds, to help solve the problem.  The classes have decided to raise funds for the NWP, with matching funds from the Sun Lakes Rotary Club and hope to pay for a complete family water system for $4,500.  Wow!  With the enthusiasm which was evident at both sessions, have no doubt they can make it!