This is a subject that hits close to home. Debi was our wonderful speaker at Gilbert Rotary this morning and she shares her compelling story in this video. Spread the word, if you or anyone you love ever has an explosive headache, the worst you have ever had in your life… please get it checked out in the ER. And if you are so inclined, make a donation to Dignity Health to bring a new type of life-saving aneurysm vascular surgery to the East Valley for those with a similar condition.
Debi praises Dignity Health and all who identified her condition and treated it so quickly, and her transfer to Barrows Neurological Institute where she underwent life-saving surgery. Although she has some memory lapses and fatigue after a tough year, she continues to recover and feel extremely grateful to be alive, to work, to enjoy her family and watch her children grow. She is one of those marvelous people that appreciate their second chance at life and do everything they can to give back. Thank you Debi…you are truly an inspiration