Gilbert Rotary, in an effort to know one another better, is embarking on a new series of Vocational Talks.

When time permits, one “seasoned” Rotarian and one new or recently joined Rotarian will talk about themselves, their work,

and what led them to Rotary. First up was “seasoned Rotarian Carla Rowe Malcolm and Terry Hanvey.

Carla was born and raised in Pocatello Idaho.  Her dad was a WWII veteran who worked as a meat cutter and her mom was an Italian war bride. She and her two brothers were immersed from birth into both the languages and now enjoy the advantage of being bilingual. Her parents could not afford to send their kids to kindergarten so they entered school at the first grade. Their mom, however, taught them things at home and truly believed education was the key. So much did she espouse this belief that she went back to school and earned a degree as a schoolteacher.. By high school, the children were well-prepared. Their father at least wanted his children to have a high school education, but each went much further. Carla enrolled in Pharmacy at the University of Idaho where she was lost in the subjects of science and biology. She attended 5 years of Pharmacy school and was one of four women out of 43 who completed. After 2 days of grueling National Boards and a 10 month internship she accepted a hospital position and advanced from intern to staff pharmacist to resident and finally to Director of Pharmacy, where she stayed for 26 years. She explained the great differences between the hospital and retail side of the pharmacy and while at the hospital was responsible for all medication at the facility, as well as patient medication in unit dose form, IV add-mixtures parenteral nutrition, and later chemotherapy created under a laminar flow hood. She was married for 25 years and has two children, a son who followed her into pharmacy and a daughter with a Masters in Occupational  Therapy.  She was divorced and later re-married Dr. Ernest  “RAZ” Rowe, a college professor of education who wanted to                        eventually move back to his native Arizona. In Arizona Carla decided to try the retail side of the house and worked first for Smitty’s, then Smith’s then Fred Meyer and finally Fry’s.  Raz was a Rotarian and first introduced Carla to Rotary, She joined a club in Idaho for a year and after moving to Arizona let her membership lapse.  

In Arizona, Raz became heavily involved in District 5510 Ambassadorial Scholar program which he headed for many years, Having the opportunity to meet such diverse students sparked Carla’s interest in Rotary again and she was inducted into the Chandler Horizon Rotary Club  in August of 2005.  Carla became involved with the District Youth Exchange Committee and that still remains one of her passions, having been a host parent twice and a long-time counselor. Her marriage to Raz also introduced her to  Rotary International Conventions. This as well fed her passion to travel the world and she attended three conventions with Raz and has since attended more.  That , she says, is where one really gets a feel for the ” Inter-nationality” of Rotary and that it is so much more than you think. Her other passions besides travel is photography. She is blessed with four grandchildren , two of whom live in Gilbert are the light of her life. Carla has serviced this club faithfully  in numerous capacities and continues to do so in retirement, We value her so very much.


Terry was born in Wales and for a time raised and educated in Southern England with his family and two brothers. At the age of 12 the family moved to Toronto and at 14 they re-located to Seattle where Terry’s dad was employed with Boeing. Terry started school at the University of Washington where he attempted chemical engineering and chemistry before realizing his math skills were lacking. At UW, however, he became an accomplished gymnast. He enlisted in the Navy in 1965, attended boot camp in San Diego and for a time was the driver for the commanding officers. He then was stationed in the Philippines which he enjoyed very much and to which he would return again and again. After the first discharge in 1969, he took his savings and traveled the                  Philippines and Guam. He learned he could study under the GI Bill  there and thus could stay longer. He further discovered that if one was to marry, he would receive more $$ from the VA. Living with his girlfriend, he said “why not?”  Soon he and his wife moved to Florida where they had sent their son to school. He worked odd jobs here and there and decided to re-enlist in the Navy. He was remediated and trained in aviation electronics and traveled the world via several deployments. 

He finally retired from the US Navy in 1992. He was living in San Diego and attending college to become computer proficient. He earned a degree in alcohol and drug rehabilitation and worked for a time at a rehab facility. He then tried the Job Corp. where he met a lady by the name of Penny Bollinger. They managed an event together then traveled together and are still  together. After their marriage they joined a Rotary Club  in San Diego and soon learned of a new club being chartered in Chula Vista.  They joined in 2010 as charter members, Penny was President a couple of years and then they re-located here in Arizona. We are so lucky they chose our club.