Adriana Medina, a Rotary Foundation District Chair from District 4185, and member of Club Rotario Puebla Compestre Real, joined her counterpart from District 5495, Jim Bissonett, and Gilbert Rotary Club President Curt Ward on a mission to Thoreau, New Mexico, to install a home water system for a Navajo family.  Also present were staff members of DigDeepH2O, a non-profit partner in the Navajo Water Project.  A video was filmed by a crew from PBS Newshour, which will broadcast some time this summer.  Adriana is shown here holding one of the four-month old twins in the Navajo family which will be served by this new water system.  Also shown is Darlene, the “Water Lady” who delivers water by tanker truck to the Navajo families.  This Rotary project has served 18 families so far.  Plans are underway to continue the Navajo Water Project in 2018-19, through sponsorship by the Sun Lakes Rotary Club.  Please contact Gary Whiting or John McKoy at Sun Lakes Rotary Club for more information about how you can help.