Program February 2, 2017
Penny Bollinger and Terry Hanvey School Project in Naco, Sonora Mexico

Penny and Terry have been busy traveling and doing good work with their non-profit Learning Tools
for Global Schools. She re- called, a saying, “you put the first penny in the piggybank”. She and
Terry started with northing more than an idea, put in the first penny, and then others invested and
believed. Their non-profit sup- plies schools in Ethiopia and 14 schools in the Philippines. As a
result of their visits to Bisbee and the Bisbee Rotary, they became involved and interested in
Bisbee’s Charity Christmas in Naco. They wandered down to Naco Arizona and across the border to
Naco, Sonora to, of course, check out the schools there and see what the needs were. Naco is a
twin-type town…there is a Naco,











Arizona and a Naco, Sonora Mexico just across the border. The first school they visited, Gabriel
Villa Elementary did not even have a pencil sharpener. On their next trip, the brought school
supplies…and a pencil sharpener. Searching out the high school of 235 students, they asked to see
the science lab. They met the science teacher Jose who showed them a room with dated laboratory
tables and an eyewash station but little else. The room was being used for storage. Jo- se told
them that in Mexico, schools focus on two disci- plines: vocational training and Educational – to
prepare the Cecytes HS students for further education in college.

We know that with Penny and Terry’s drive and determination and their shared passion for helping
children in schools, there will be many more trips South, many more nights spent with Bisbee
Rotarians, and much more good to be done for the school children of Naco Sonora.
Jose further told them that without the equipment to teach Physics, Geometry and Chemistry, the
students were not able to test well enough to get into college.
That was all they needed to hear. “What was their need”, Penny asked? Learning Tools could supply
glassware and other items but there were no cabinets to store them. They were able to find a
carpenter to build them the needed cabinets – 8 feet long with electrical outlets for microscopes.
(see pictures). This day they were again travelling south to deliver glassware and hopefully take
some photos with the school kids there. Next on the agenda is furnishing microscopes, prepared
slides. posters and a large whiteboard.