The Interact Club at Perry High School has set a strong agenda for this school year.  President Rylee Hanson and Past-President Loralli Johnson described the list of service events, beginning with a “Purple Pinkie” event in September to raise funds to eradicate Polio.  Forty young people attended, including returning members from last year and several new prospects for this year.  Faculty advisor April Nguyen has played a vital role in the success of this program.  Sponsor Gilbert Rotary Club was represented by its President Curt Ward, who thanked the Interactors for supporting the values and goals of Rotary and offered opportunities for Rotarians and Interactors to work together this year.  The final event for the Interactors this year involves assembling WAPIs, which are “water pasteurization indicators” used in countries where clean water is not always accessible and thermostats to measure water temperature are often scarce.  WAPIs are cheap and reusable clear plastic tubes which contain food-grade wax which melts when pasteurization occurs at 149 degrees and the water, or milk, becomes safe to drink.