About Us

From the Vision of One To Many

The Gilbert Rotary Club was chartered by Rotary International on January 18, 1984 and was sponsored by Mesa Rotary. Charter members of the club reflected the population, 12,102, and character of Gilbert, a growing suburban community in the Phoenix metropolitan area with deep agricultural roots. This was reflected as well in the desire to be a morning breakfast club.

In 2017 the Rotary Club of Mesa East merged with the Rotary Club of Gilbert, bringing Past President Jim Schermetzler and Past District Treasurer | Past President, Chuck Holland.

Gilbert Rotary Centennial Observatory

The observatory was officially opened on October 21, 2006. The project was led by Win Pendleton, a retired astronomy educator, and member of both the Gilbert Rotary Club and the East Valley Astronomy Club. The year 2005 marked the one hundredth anniversary of Rotary International, and the local club adopted the idea of creating a public observatory as its centennial project. The facility was built through private donations and gifted to the Town of Gilbert.

Making a Difference Today

As Rotary International increases it's awareness in Seven Areas of Focus, the Rotary Club of Gilbert is expanding it's outreach in our own community. Gilbert Rotarians are heavily involved in community outreach, serving the Greatest Generation, as well as youth programs and vocational grants. We are always looking to expand our service projects, whether it is collaborating with other clubs, charities, or individuals who just want to do "more".